Jan 28 – Feb 28, 2021

Move2Win 2021 Winter Challenge!

We’re kicking off the new year with a little friendly competition. From January 28 – February 28, join your fellow FFC members for our Move2Win Winter Challenge! Commit to your 2021 health and fitness goals, grab your MYZONE belt, and get ready to earn MEPs (MYZONE effort points) by working out and participating in organized club challenges. The more MEPs you earn, the better chance you have at taking home a prize!

For this challenge, everyone who reaches 1300 MEPs will receive 1 guest pass on their account to use for friends and family. One participant from each club will take home 1 month of free dues (up to $99.95), one free training session AND one free massage!

Move2Win 2021 Winter Challenge will run from Thursday, January 28 until Sunday, February 28.

Earn 1300 MEPs = receive a complimentary guest pass to use for friends or family, plus 1 entry in our raffle for 1 month free dues (up to $99.95) / 1 free training session / 1 free massage.

Earn 2000 MEPs = receive 2 total entries into the raffle.

Earn 3000 MEPs = receive 3 total entries into the raffle.

Earn 4000 MEPs = receive 4 total entries into the raffle.

Most MEPs at each location = 1 month free dues (up to $99.95) / 1 free training session / 1 free massage.

Already have a MYZONE belt? This M2W challenge is FREE! Don’t have a belt yet? Purchase one for just $99.95 plus tax.

How to Get Started

Registration is now open and is available to both members and non-members. Registration is FREE and includes club challenges, results tracking and a chance to win prizes! All members with a MYZONE belt will be automatically enrolled in the challenge.

You must have a MYZONE belt to participate. If you DO NOT have a belt, you can purchase one for just $99.95*.

Registration can be done online (see form below) or in club. For online registration, participants needing belts will pick them up in the club.

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