A Love Letter
to Our City

Chicago From Day One

Born and raised in the city of big shoulders. With roots leading back to a humble, midwestern farm. Before the 6 rings. Before the shuffle. Before baseball reigned. Before Northerly Island. Before the Museum Campus. Before Millennium Park. Birthed from grit, determination and sheer will. But with a smile. And a laugh. With an unrelenting passion for success.

The year was 1991. 7 years after starting a fledgling fitness management business. A dream of helping Chicago reach its fitness and wellness goals was born. Opening a fitness club in the Gold Coast became the mission. Then delays and hurdles. Building ownership changed hands. Then sorrow. Both parents pass away. Then despair. What next? Keep going. Bet the family farm. Building deal goes through. The club opens. Finally, success!


Now, with 11 Chicagoland locations, things have changed. But remain the same.

The city’s spirit of resilience, determination and resolve is alive in our community of members. When Chicago is making headlines for winter storms and bitter cold temperatures, we’re lacing up our sneakers for a run along the lakefront. We’re pulling on our gloves and our helmets to Divvy to work. We’re shoveling a sidewalk for a neighborhood in need.

Chicago is in our veins. We don’t back down from a challenge. We don’t give up. We set our goals, we set our alarms, and even when the days are short, we rise with the sun. Our community embodies the very essence of Grit, Determination and Sheer Will, prioritizing their health and committing to an active lifestyle during times of utmost uncertainty. And they do so with a Smile. And a Laugh. With an Unrelenting Passion to Persevere.


This is our city, and this city is us. We shoveled our spot. Before anyone else came to town. We’ve got dibs throughout Chicagoland and only Chicagoland. 11 locations in all.

Join us, Chicago! Bring your Grit, Determination and Sheer Will to our clean and safe network of clubs, and let’s accomplish something great together in 2021.

Let’s return to routine, together, at any of our 11 Chicagoland locations.

You Belong Here.