Member of the Month at FFC

Congratulations to FFC Lincoln Park’s November member of the month, Jeani Park! She shared a few thoughts about what membership at FFC means to her – here’s what she had to say:

What does membership at FFC mean to you?
FFC is part of my lifestyle choice to grow healthier every day and to do it in an environment that is fun with people I enjoy!

When at FFC, you will find me…
At a Faction class or on the stair climber when I am alone. I like that Faction is different every time and that I’ve seen measurable improvement! Since January, I’ve seen a 40% increase in strength and a 30% increase in metabolic conditioning, I’ve lost seven pounds, and I feel leaner, faster and stronger! I know those results will only get better thanks to Colten and his coaches!

I work out to…
Relieve stress and anxiety and to burn extra energy in a healthy way. I come to FFC to clear my mind and relax my body.

Jeani Park - November Member of the Month LP