Member of the Month – Chris Stangle

Member of the Month at FFC

Congratulations to FFC Lincoln Park’s September member of the month, Chris! Chris answered a few questions for us about being a member at FFC:

  1. What does membership at FFC mean to you? 

It’s been a game changer. I’ve belonged to so many gyms in the past but I actually enjoy coming to this one. It’s been one of my highlights on what many would agree has been a dumpy year.

  1. When I am at FFC you will find me…

I’m usually training with Malik during the week but when I’m in my own I enjoy running, rowing and the sauna.

  1. I work out to…

I work out to improve my well-being. It’s been a blast seeing my improvements and having people at FFC cheer me on.

FFC Lincoln Park Member Chris Stangle

Thank you for being a member of our community, Chris!