Jessica Frank

I wanted to thank FFC and especially my trainer Jessica Frank for putting so much effort and effective guidance in my Pilates training sessions. When I joined FFC, I was in a mess and had issues with my leg balance and strength and range of motion of my entire body. I was constantly always afraid of falling down while walking due to these issues that I was born with. Then Jessica worked with me on these issues and now after having Pilates sessions with Jessica at FFC, my leg balance and strength has improved so much along with range of motion of my body that now I can walk well without any hesitation. I was not aware before working with Jessica that I would ever in my life see any improvement in these areas. Also, she has provided very useful tips for my diet to properly fuel my body to strengthen my legs and muscles, which helped me a lot since I am a vegetarian and was not eating properly.

So, thank you Jessica for your support and expertise on such a complicated case like me. I appreciate and admire your work and skills.