Hannah Ferris

I joined FFC Gold Coast in late November 2016 and wanted to share how happy I am with the decision I made. Your employee, personal trainer Hannah Ferris, is one of the main reasons I am so happy I joined FFC. After being frustrated with the small gym in my building I decided I needed to join a gym. I had previously belonged to one in Lincoln Park and was a diehard group fitness girl. I would go to a class almost daily and loved it. Upon joining FFC I was excited to find out I would be able to work with a trainer for a few sessions with my membership. I was randomly matched with Hannah Ferris and she has positively changed my outlook on fitness (and life!) in just a few short months.

During my first meeting with Hannah back in November I explained that my goal was to learn how to lift and to get stronger in general. Never having been an athlete, I was a bit nervous to embark on this journey. Doing squats, benching and deadlifting was incredibly intimidating. Hannah showed me that I could not only do all of these things, but I was actually ok at them! Ever since our first consultation Hannah has gone above and beyond to help me meet, and even exceed, my goals in just these few short months. She has coached me, encouraged me, and motivated me to get better and be stronger. She is always eager to try something new and challenge me in new ways. She compliments what I do well and has increased my self-confidence in the gym and that confidence has positively affected other areas of my life.

The way Hannah works with her clients and coworkers is to be admired. Whenever I see her in the gym, she waves or says hi and quickly checks in to see how things are going if time allows. I have noticed her doing this with her other clients, too. During one of our sessions, I squatted 135 pounds (which was a big deal for a petite girl like me!). She told every other trainer that was working there that night and they all gave me a high five. While this was just a small gesture from both her and the other trainers, I will never forget how good that made me feel and how it motivated me to continue to grow.

I feel so lucky to call Hannah my trainer and FFC is lucky to have her. Her enthusiasm, kindness, dedication to fitness and the well-being of others is evident upon first meeting her. I can’t wait to continue working with Hannah and to see what lies ahead for her in the fitness industry!

Thank you, FFC, for operating a fantastic gym and for having great trainers like Hannah!