Welcome new staff to FFC!

We would like to welcome Aaron Glen, Brianna French, Lauren Spelich, Joelle Minassian, Zuri Russel and Teresa Somerestt to the FFC Gold Coast team!!

  • Aaron has a background in customer service and in his spare time can be found at the pool as a swim instructor.
  • Brianna (but you can call her Bri) is currently attending Loyola University. When she isn’t shopping at Sephora, she’s likely in the gym working towards her fitness goals.
  • Lauren is a fellow Loyola University student returning to FFC, and her love of watching sports can only be trumped by hiking with her dog and sudoku.
  • Joelle joins us as an experienced entrepreneur with her custom bag business and a guru of organization.
  • Zuri will be joining us at local’84 – she is a barista as well as a tea connoisseur. When she isn’t focusing her zen in yoga, she is pouring her creativity onto a canvas.
  • Teresa comes to us from the Union Station food court as a supervisor. She has always loved cooking and finds herself enjoying play time with her lovely grand-niece.

Stop by and say hello to are awesome new employees at FFC Gold Coast!