Tip Of The Month From Rush Physical Therapy

Woman receiving physical therapy for her knee injury.

See Rush Physical Therapist Claire Kramer’s tip of the month below!

A great deal of patients I have seen lately admit that they do not stretch properly before or after working out. My tip for this month is a simple one, but an important one.

Stretch like you’re going to use it!

Before working out, a dynamic warm up should be performed to provide a quick stretch to the muscle fibers, and therefore activation of the these associated muscles occurs. After workouts is typically the time for static stretching, in which one holds a stretch for 15-30 seconds. Research shows that the ideal time to statically stretch a muscle is for about 3-5 minutes per day; if you have a true tight muscle, research indicates that you may need more than this allotted time.

So, if you were to perform 3 sets of 30 seconds after a workout, and then 3 sets of 30 seconds throughout the rest of the day (or 6 sets of 10 seconds perhaps), you would be adding up to 3 minutes. This helps to promote optimal flexibility and reduces risk of injury!

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