Pilates reformers at FFC Gold Coast.

Let 2020 be the year you tackle a new workout that tones your entire body and improves stability and balance!

Roar into the 20s with a stronger body through Pilates.
No flapping – we will tone your entire body
No crashing – we will improve your stability and balance
No prohibition – attend the classes you like

You won’t find bootleg workouts in the FFC Gold Coast Pilates Studio. Instead, you will indulge in the greatest variety of classes that we’ve ever offered! We have classes suitable for all fitness levels and areas of interest: Cardio jump boards, leg/hip mobility, spinal movement, upper and lower body strengthening.

Pricing is as follows:
Single Class…………$30
4 classes/month……$120/month
8 classes/month……$240/month

Register for classes through the FFC app. Have questions? Need assistance? Email our Pilates Coordinator Sterling Lato at Sterling.Lato@ffc.com.