Member of the Month at FFC

Congratulations to Hilary Vanderschaaf, FFC Gold Coast’s April member of the month! We asked Hilary about her experience at FFC, and here’s what she had to share.

What does membership at FFC mean to you?

Personally, membership at FFC means being part of a community where I feel welcomed, supported, and a place where I can challenge myself every time I visit my gym. Membership at FFC means inspiring those around me, learning from like-minded people, and consuming myself in an atmosphere that allows me to be[come] my best self.

When at FFC you will find me…

Dancing on a stationary bike to a fun beat and lifting heavy weights while intermittently checking work emails + managing my business, Hil Hustles, simultaneously. ;)

I work out to…

Loaded question! I work out to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. I work out to clear the clutter in my mind, channel my energy, and find a space where I can tune out the noise and focus both internally and externally. I work out to stay driven and positive, which ultimately carries over into my business, my brand, my career, and my relationships. I work out to remind myself of my steadfast strength and work mindset. I work out because I appreciate the capabilities of my body and enjoy challenging myself in an effort to reach my fullest potential.

More About Hilary

Hilary is an inspiration to others with her own athletic clothing line (Hil Hustles Clothing Line) and the spark behind a national movement to keep the homeless warm, one blanket at a time.

Special Surprise Pop Up Shop Saturday, May 4

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 4 as Hilary brings her clothing line to FFC Gold Coast for a special pop up shop experience! For more information email Amanda at