FFC East Lakeview

I just wanted to reach out to say that I am absolutely loving my membership at FFC, and that Lea has especially made my time at FFC amazing!

When I first joined, Norma, who is absolutely lovely, helped to sign me up. I was mostly joining because I was going through a bad breakup and you guys are super close to my house.

Let me tell you, I LOATHED working out! But, the way you run the gym is genius! Getting free PT sessions and the 36 checkins in 90 days is absolutely key to developing a habit. I really felt like I was cared about as a member at FFC.

I told Lea that I really hate being yelled at and don’t want my ass kicked, I just wanted to do things that are healthy for me, and she was amazing! Put up with all of my complaining, and I noticed gains (#gains?) from our sessions. I will definitely be booking with her again soon.

She was also flexible with my schedule when my grandpa passed and when I was sick, which I really appreciated.

I’ve totally enjoyed the classes, too! I was the new girl at WERQ on Friday, Jen, and I loved it! (although, you kinda kicked my ass :)).

I’ve loved the pool, I love the chilled eucalyptus towels, I seriously think the steam room has changed my life.

I went from someone who never, ever worked out, and hadn’t seen a gym in years, to someone loving going to a club! You guys are great, and I am so happy I was connected with Lea.

I look forward to continue #TrainingForLife at FFC! 🙂