Deirdre Smith

I can’t say enough about Deirdre as a personal trainer. I have been seeing her now for two months and cannot wait for many more months to come.

She has become my biggest cheer leader, the person who pushes me to the edge each and every moment and the voice reminding me “I can do it!” As a cancer survivor and a mother of two under two, I was hesitant getting back to the gym. I had two very harsh pregnancies and deliveries in the last 36 months. To say I was scared was an understatement. I was paired with Deirdre to begin my time at the club. I truly didn’t think I would go beyond that. She proved me wrong! She sat with me and built a plan that I knew would work for a full time working mom of two with a husband and house to take care of as well! I look forward to each session with her as I know she is that extra “umph” I need to get me going and keep me going as I get back to the strongest me I can be.

She is extremely knowledgeable of not only fitness but nutrition and overall healthcare as well. She has taken the time to do extra research in regards to the hurdles I face after my personal experiences. She texts me on her free time with things such as options for stretches, exercises or hints of advice she comes across simply because she knows it will be helpful to me. She goes above and beyond the call of her job.

I truly am amazed each session with my weight loss, body fat decrease and strength increase to simply name a few things. FFC is truly lucky to have this very special lady!