Pilates: the cross-training powerhouse fitness modality

The FFC UGAP (Unlimited Group Apparatus) program is returning! During the month of February, attend as many of the special UGAP group classes as you would like at the club you sign up at for $99.

The $99 Pilates Unlimited program is great for anyone and everyone. Our instructors are highly trained at offering multi-level classes that are appropriate for beginners and seasoned Pilates participants alike.

Throughout the month, you will progress from the most fundamental to some of the most advanced Pilates exercises. By the end of the month, you should have better posture, core strength and balance. Incorporating Pilates into your exercise routine will improve your form and can help prevent injuries.

About the classes:

  • Duration – 50 minutes
  • Level – beginner with progression to intermediate
  • Equipment – Pilates reformers, cadillacs and chairs

This is the perfect time of year to start conditioning your body for the upcoming marathon, triathlon and golf seasons! Registration information is available in the club in the Pilates studio or fitness desk and on the FFC website this month.

How to Register

Contact your club’s Pilates coordinator with questions, visit your club’s Pilates studio, or email Kristin Strom at kstrom@ffc.com. Once you are registered, you can book your classes via the FFC app.