Man wearing a mask and swinging a kettlebell in the gym.

We all know that exercise can help build muscle, improve flexibility and even contribute to a better mood. Now, data from a growing number of studies suggests that the recommended 30-60 minutes of exercise per day can boost immune function and the body’s defenses against viruses like COVID-19.

When deciding whether to return to a health club for a workout, keep in mind that research from 2,877 health club and gym locations collected by MXMetrics shows that in over 49.4 million check-ins, the ratio of check-ins to COVID cases is 42,731:1 or just 0.002%.

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Ready to head to the club for a workout to boost that immune system? FFC Group Fitness Manager Lara Mele breaks down what it’s really like to exercise in a mask and shares her favorite masks to wear during a workout in our latest blog post.

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Three people at gym wearing masks, sitting and talking