Join Us For The Inaugural Winter CLASSic!

Group Fitness class in action at FFC Oak Park

Attend 15 group fitness classes between January 19 and February 17 to complete our inaugural Winter CLASSic at FFC. Your progress will be tracked in the FFC+ app! When you complete the challenge, you’ll receive an FFC beanie!

For each class to count, please make sure you register and check in for every class via the FFC+ app!

Helpful hints for checking in to class on the FFC+ app:

  • You can only check into a class within 2 hours of the start time.
  • You must be at the club to check in to the class.
  • You’ll see the class check in on the same screen that appears when you click “Check In” on the homepage to check into the club.
  • You must be connected to cellular or wifi for the check-in to appear.
  • If your font is set too large on your screen, it can push the check-in button out of view!
  • Location services must be on your device AND on for the FFC+ app specifically.
  • You must be registered for the class in order to check in for it.
  • Please be sure you have the most recent update for the app. To do so, head to the app store for FFC+  – if you don’t have the most recent version, there will be a button that says “update”.
  • Try turning off the WiFi and just use cellular data.

Questions? Contact Lois Miller at

Must have and use the FFC+ app to participate. Other restrictions may apply. Program runs from January 19, 2022 – February 17, 2022. Prizes will be distributed by Feb 25, 2022.