FFC Employee Spotlight

This month we’re highlighting FFC group fitness instructor of the month, Ashleigh Brodhead!

Ashleigh received her BFA in dance performance from The University Of the Arts in Philadelphia, and moved to Chicago to pursue a dance career in 2009. Eventually that led her to her career as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and running coach. She started running in college, and has since completed 23 full marathons. She dabbled with triathlons, and has since competed around 30 shorter/medium distance triathlons, and 5 full Ironman races, the most recent Ironman this past September 2019 in Madison, Wisconsin.

Along with endurance sports, Ashleigh also competes in strength competitions, including powerlifting and kettlebell competitions. She’s been inspired by many people in the fitness world, and now uses her own experiences to inspire others to find their own confidence and strength, inside and out. Check out the group fitness schedule to find out where she’s teaching next!