From NFL running backs to our own local superstar/Cubs’ pitcher Jake Arrieta, Pilates is having a SERIOUS moment. What better time to get involved in the Pilates movement than with our May Challenge Your Core events?!

From May 1 – 31, visit your local club, sign up and grab a punch card to get going! The 31-day program is just $59 for the entire month and gives you access to special classes and events, the opportunity to earn prizes, swag and more!

Punch cards: each card has 5 punches. Earn 1 punch for each completed Pilates experience including bonus sessions, Pilates Mat classes, Group Apparatus Sessions, Private and Partner Pilates training sessions, workshops and demos.

Turn in each completed card for the reward specified below:

5 sessions: Earn $15 FFC Bucks
10 sessions: Earn $15 FFC Bucks and 2 FFC Guest Passes
15 sessions: Earn $15 FFC Bucks and 1 Group Apparatus Class
20 sessions: Earn $15 FFC Bucks and 1 Grand Prize raffle entry!

Program Perks:

• Participate in special Pilates offerings May 1 – 31
• Keep track of your goals and progress with a punch card
• Earn fun prizes by participating in sessions
• See and feel the results of the Pilates exercises in your body
in just 31 days!

How to register & cost: see a Pilates trainer or manager for complete details and calendar of special Pilates offerings. The program is $59 for the entire month.

Should we fear fats? Should we love fats? Should we consume all types of fats? Should we buy low-fat? As a registered dietitian, I hear these questions all the time, and for a good reason. Yes, the media is always putting out conflicting information about nutrition, which makes it hard to understand the truth. However, this isn’t just the media’s fault – it’s also due to changing research.

Here’s a quick history lesson:

For many years, we were told that fat was the problem with the growing obesity epidemic and poor heart health. All fats – saturated and unsaturated – were looked down upon and the “low-fat” craze started, despite its important role in hormone production, temperature regulation, and protection of organs. Everyone turned in their eggs and bacon for breakfast cereal, red meat for processed “low-fat” TV dinners. The problem with that? These new “healthier foods” were full of sugar and processed carbohydrates. We later learned that these aren’t so great for our waistlines or hearts either.

So now – fats are back. Diets such as the Atkins diet and ketogenic diet brought back fat, not limiting the type or amount, claiming to help with weight loss. While they certainly do help with weight loss (these diets are based on low-carbohydrate intake, and when there’s no carbohydrates to burn, our body turns to fat burn), the research on saturated fat is still ongoing, so we want to be weary. These low-carbohydrate and high-fat diets are also hard to stick to, which goes against my main qualification for any lifestyle change. This roller coaster of information leaves everyone a little confused as to which fats to choose, if any at all.

Here’s a breakdown of which fats are which and what to choose:

Artificial trans fats: man-made by adding an extra hydrogen molecule to vegetable oil to make it more shelf-stable. Trans fats raise your bad (LDL) cholesterol and lower your good (HDL) cholesterol levels. This increases your risk of developing heart disease and stroke, and is associated with a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.* Avoid any foods that have “partially hydrogenated oils” in the ingredients label.

Saturated fats: typically solid at room temperature and found in animal sources such as meat and dairy. They are also found in many baked and fried foods. These don’t need to be avoided at all costs, but I recommend keeping them in small doses, under 10-13 grams per day. Saturated fats raise your bad (LDL) cholesterol, increasing your risk of heart disease and stroke.*

Unsaturated fats: typically liquid at room temperature and found mostly in plant sources such as nuts, seeds, oil, and avocado. They are also found in fish. Replacing saturated and trans fats with unsaturated fats raises your good (HDL) cholesterol.* I recommend to consume these with each meal and snack to help with satiety and give your body the benefits discussed above, but in small portion sizes because of dense calorie content of fats. Fat doesn’t make you fat, as once thought, however, too many calories of anything can cause weight gain, so it’s important to keep fat portions in check.

All in all, it comes down to the basics: “Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” -Michael Pollen. This quote is especially important when it comes to dietary fats — consume the ones that haven’t been processed, keep portion sizes small, and surround them with a lot more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains — this will keep your heart and your waistline happy!

*Source: American Heart Association

Have more questions or want to set up a complimentary consultation with Amy? Email her at!

By now, you’ve probably heard of cupping – but what is it, really? Cupping is a mobilization technique used to treat pain, stiffness and swelling of the upper and lower extremities, as well as large soft tissue areas such as the shoulder blade or low back. Cupping is the combination of massage movements and negative pressure with the use of a suction device on the skin. A cup is positioned at the treatment area and a vacuum is created within the cup to draw the skin and underlying tissue into the cup.

The produced vacuum creates a suction effect that increases blood and lymphatic circulation, relaxes muscle tissue and support, draws stagnation and toxins out of the body and releases a myriad of pain causing factors. Cupping is just one of the many specialty services offered at NovaCare Rehabilitation. Stop by our center located in most of the Fitness Formula Clubs locations to learn more about our specialty services or for a complimentary injury screen. You can also check out the schedule for a complimentary injury screen during the month of May below!​​​

  • FFC East Lakeview – May 5; 9-10:30 AM and May 24; 5:30-7:30 PM
  • FFC Boystown – May 12; 9-11 AM
  • FFC Lincoln Park – May 24; 5-7 PM
  • FFC Oak Park – May 28; 3:30-5:30 PM
  • FFC Park Ridge – May 5; 9-11AM
  • FFC South Loop – May 30; 6:30-8 PM
  • FFC Union Station – May 16; 12-1 PM
  • FFC West Loop – May 22; 4:15-5 PM

It’s finally feeling like spring and what better time to refresh and rejuvenate before the summer weather (and wardrobes) come out to play? Take advantage of these spa specials this month at FFC!

Two Signature Massage or Two Signature Facials for $199

*Offer expires 5/31/18. No two discounts apply. Sessions must be used by 7/31/18.  See spas for details.

Spa Pedicure for $40

*Offer available only at FFC Lincoln Park & expires 5/31/18, no two discounts apply – services must be received in May 2018.

Brow Waxing for $18 extended through end of May

*Offer available only at FFC Union Station & expires 5/31/18, no two discounts apply – services must be received in May 2018.

Three Ortanic Tans for $119

Don’t let sunburn ruin your fun or your outfit.  Ensure a flawless look for your special summer events.

* Offer available at Ortanic locations, within FFC Gold Coast, FFC West Loop and FFC Lincoln Park. Offer expires 5/31/18.  No two discounts apply. All tans must be used by 09/30/18.

You’re invited! As a thank you for being part of the FFC Family, we invite you to celebrate with us through the rest of April!

Check out the schedule below for some very special Member Appreciation days, including food, fun, fitness & more. Keep an eye out for specific details in the clubs in the coming days!

  • FFC Boystown – Thursday, April 26
  • FFC East Lakeview – Saturday, April 28
  • FFC Gold Coast – Saturday, April 28
  • FFC Lincoln Park – Monday, April 30
  • FFC Oak Park – Saturday, April 28
  • FFC Old Town – Saturday, April 28
  • FFC Park Ridge – Saturday, April 28
  • FFC South Loop – Monday, April 30
  • FFC Union Station – Monday, April 30
  • FFC West Loop – Friday, April 27


We are excited to announce that FFC Oak Park will getting a metabolic cart in March that will reside at the club permanently!

What can the cart do? The metabolic cart can measure your resting metabolic rate (RMR – the amount of calories your body burns at rest). It can also measure your V02 Max (a good measure of endurance capability and heart health).

Why should members be excited about this? FFC is all about maximizing results, and this is the perfect way for you to learn more about your body and tailor your workouts and eating habits based on the test results.  

How can members sign up? If you are interested in having any test performed, email and/or fill out the sign up sheet at the fitness and spa desks. You can also email this address for any questions related to the tests below.

  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) + Consult – $149 – dial in your diet & nutrition planning w/ a registered dietitian!
  • VO2 Max + Training Consult – $149 – get your MyZone/HRM tailored to match your metabolism!
  • Metabolic Efficiency™ + Consult – $325 – get race ready + plan fueling for IRONMAN or Marathon!
  • Triathlon Bundle – $325 – VO2 Max Run + Blood Lactate Bike + Consult!

As you have probably noticed, FFC’s website has gone through an incredible transformation that we are very proud of. As you poke around and get used to this new interface, we’ve put together a list of quick links for your reference that will take you to some of the most important areas of the site. We can’t wait to share this experience with you!

Member Hub – on this page you’ll find everything you need to access at FFC as a member, including

  • Member Login
  • FFC Bucks Login


Refer a friend, get some swag!

Club Programming/eNews

Group Fitness Schedule


Club Pages – you can get to all of our club pages by visiting the club location map, or by hovering over the “Clubs” menu item

Have more questions or feedback? Please feel free to email us at!


Help Your Friends Spring into FFC!
We’ve heard your feedback; we’ve read your surveys. You’ve asked for guest passes; you got it! In April, we are putting 2 free guest passes on every member’s account. Bring in your friends, family and co-workers to experience everything you love about FFC. Passes expire April 30.

Warm weather finally seems to be here and to get you ready we’ve got a ton of specials happening at the spa! Check out the offers below and head into the new season with a spring in your step!

  • One 75-Minute Signature Massage for $105
  • A Signature Facial for $110
  • 20% off leg or arm waxing services

Offers available at all clubs & expire 4/30/18, no two discounts apply – services must be received in April.

No-Chip Manicure for $42

Offer available only at FFC Lincoln Park & expires 4/30/18, no two discounts apply – services must be received in April.

Brow Waxing for $18

Offer available only at FFC Union Station & expires 4/30/18, no two discounts apply – services must be received in April.

Ortanic Offers for April

Take $20 off any Deluxe Ortanic tan Mondays & Tuesdays!

Offer available only at FFC West Loop, Gold Coast and Lincoln Park and  expires April 30, 2018. No two discounts apply

Injuries can happen at any moment—at the gym, in the workplace, in your car or even in your own home. Without proper diagnosis and timely treatment, recovery can often become a slow and painful process.

Physical therapy uses a variety of evidence-based treatments and physical exercises to begin the rehabilitation process at the onset of injury or pain. Through these treatments and exercises, physical therapy can efficiently and effectively strengthen your body, reduce pain and prevent future injury.  

With our  comprehensive programs and services and convenient hours and locations we can help return you to what you love doing best. Don’t forget NovaCare provides you with your very own physical therapist and athletic trainer! You can call or email them at 866.TRY.NOVA or  Find a complimentary injury screen date during April at your nearest Fitness Formula Club – check out the schedule below!

  • FFC East Lakeview – 4/4; 5:30 – 7:30 AM & 4/28; 9 – 10:30 AM
  • FFC Boystown – 4/7; 9 – 11 AM
  • FFC Lincoln Park – 4/19; 4 – 6 PM
  • FFC Oak Park – 4/11; 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
  • FFC Park Ridge – 4/7; 9 – 11 AM
  • FFC South Loop – 4/28; 6:30 – 8 PM, walk-ins during regular business hours
    FFC Union Station – 4/18; 12 – 1 PM
  • FFC West Loop – 4/17; 4:15 – 5 PM