We are so thankful to have you as part of the FFC Family. Please find our revised Thanksgiving holiday hours below:

  • Wednesday, November 27: 5:30 AM – 12 PM (all classes cancelled on this day)
  • Thursday, November 28 and Friday, November 29: Closed

If you wish to go to another FFC location on these days (complimentary), please contact Lisa Humbert, General Manager at lhumbert@ffc.com or call 312-444-6060 prior to November 27. Our club locations can be found here.

Join any of our fitness workshops this month to brush up on your knowledge and fine tune your technique. We’ll be covering a variety of topics on the following dates, all from 5:00 – 5:45 PM:

  • November 11: Learn proper technique on our upper body strength equipment
  • November 14: Learn proper technique on our lower body strength equipment
  • November 18: Learn proper movement (functional, flexibility, mobility, posture)
  • November 21: Become more efficient (strength training, muscle endurance, opposing muscle groups, change up your routine)

For more information or to register for the workshops, please contact Mat at mlepak@ffc.com or call us at 312-444-6060.

Receive a complimentary personal training session when you purchase four sessions in your first month of training ($60-$85 savings). Some conditions apply. Please inquire at the club on pricing and sessions.

Between October 1 – 31, upgrade your 190 individual membership to an FFC multi-club membership and pay ZERO initiation fee! ($100 in savings). New members who join during this time also receive zero initiation fee. Share this information with your coworkers!

Plus, refer a new member to get entered into our raffle to win a free lunch! Questions? Email lhumbert@ffc.com.

Are you looking to make lasting changes to your eating habits in 2019? Are you tired of going on and off plan and feeling deprived? Are you struggling to lose weight, control your blood sugar, or improve your digestive health? For these reasons and more, your insurance may cover Medical Nutrition Therapy with little to no out of pocket costs!

FFC’s registered dietitians are credentialed with three major health insurance carriers: Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, and Cigna.

To find out in you are covered, reach out to the registered dietitian at your club to set up a quick, complimentary screening to see if you qualify, or email Amy at asilver@ffc.com.

190 Athletic Club will be closed Presidents’ Day, on Monday, February 18. Members will receive complimentary access to any one of our 11 FFC club locations as a courtesy.

Please stop by our fitness desk or email Lisa at lhumbert@ffc.com to access the club of your choice on this day. You can see a list of club locations at www.ffc.com.

Join the 190 Athletic Club February 19 – 22 for a week of special events to celebrate 13 years. Please keep your eyes open for an email with details in the coming weeks. For more information, contact Lisa at lhumbert@ffc.com.

Start 2019 with a new Workout of the Month! FFC Elmhurst master trainer Lilian Halloran has designed a well-rounded routine for you to try featuring the double kettlebell front squat (there’s a reason you see kettlebells all over the place – they’re amazing for strength, mobility and agility)! Check out the full workout here: https://ffc.com/monthlyworkout/.

Movement Highlight: double kettlebell front squat
Pilates Exercise of the Month: criss-cross
Nutrition Tip of the Month: meal timing and frequency are crucial when increasing strength – eat a complete meal within 1 hr post-workout for the best nutrient absorption and muscle repair & growth!
Smoothie of the Month: The Resolution – pineapple, vanilla whey, kale, spinach, lemon juice & more.
Group Exercise Class of the Month: TREAD – a class conducted entirely on the treadmill great for all levels, walkers and runners alike!

December is here and so is a brand new Workout of the Month! FFC Austin Head, personal trainer at FFC Union Station, has designed a well-rounded routine for you to try featuring the TRX Atomic push-up , which is a great way to shake up your routine and movement patterns. Check out the full workout here: https://ffc.com/monthlyworkout/

Movement Highlight: TRX Atomic push-up = start the movement in a “hands and toes” plank while feet are in the TRX loops. Place hands directly below your shoulders, with your spine in a neutral position. Perform the push-up, then drive knees into the chest, return back to the “hands and toes” plank position and repeat.

Pilates Exercise of the Month: Lower/Lift = lying on a mat, lift the head and shoulders. Place the hands behind the head, stacked with wide elbows. Extend legs to 90 degrees. Lower the legs to 45 degrees, and lift back up to 90 degrees. Do 4-8 stretches.

Nutrition Tip of the Month: During the holidays, pay attention to your body’s hunger and fullness cues by eating slowly and appreciating the different tastes and qualities of your food. Skip the guilt around eating and enjoy!

Smoothie of the Month: Gingerbread (almond milk, banana, vanilla whey, chai, oats, nutmeg and ginger powder)

Group Exercise Class of the Month: Critical Mass = this total-body workout is designed to build muscular strength, increase bone density and maintain lean body mass with the emphasis on full range of motion exercises done with heavier weights and less repetition.

November is here and so is a brand new Workout of the Month! FFC Park Ridge personal trainer Antonio Ramirez has designed a well-rounded routine for you to try featuring the barbell deadlift, which is a perfect introduction to weightlifting. Check out the full workout here: https://ffc.com/monthlyworkout/

Movement Highlight: Barbell Deadlift

Pilates Exercise of the Month: Scissors

Nutrition Tip of the Month: To build muscle while reducing body fat, try to aim for equal amounts of protein and carbohydrates within 1 hour of your workout. Some good combinations include eggs with oatmeal, fruit in a protein shake or chicken with sweet potatoes.

Smoothie of the Month: Apple Crisp

Group Exercise Class of the Month: FITCORE