Alicia Huggler

After a serious knee injury, I have been sidelined & I’m unable to ambulate without assistive devices. My weight had skyrocketed to a unhealthy 195 lbs & being 5’6” on a good hair day, that wasn’t healthy. I tried on my own to shed the excess lbs and I did manage to lose about 20 . That’s where it ended. My lack of mobility hindered any more Weight loss . I decided to try working with Alicia , the dietitian at the FFC Park Ridge . She took meticulous notes at our first meeting, & was able to put together a meal plan that would help me lose those stubborn extra lbs and not leave me starving. I stuck to her plan, & throughout the 3 months with her guidance every week , I was able to achieve my goal. I lost another 23lbs ! Her weekly pep talks kept me focused. When I got bored of the food , she was able to suggest alternative items to keep me on track. The only drawback was I had to buy a whole new wardrobe because I dropped 6 waist sizes! I highly recommend her expertise & knowledge. Thanks Alicia for a much slimmer & confident me!