FFC Employee Spotlight

As a personal trainer, lawyer, wife, mother and member of the “baby boomer” generation, Linda brings both a professional and personal appreciation for how a busy life can make it difficult to fit in exercise. She also appreciates how this can contribute to underutilization of muscles needed for not only recreational sports and fitness, but also simply to perform activities of daily living.

“I can personally attest to having turned to make a point at a meeting and try to restrain showing that my neck hurt”, says Linda.. “Or reaching for an item and feeling my shoulder not cooperate. But it was the diagnosis of knee arthritis that really made me sympathize with what my clients experience, and it made me focus even more on appropriate strengthening exercises and modifications to encourage even the most hesitant person to improve their fitness.”

In addition to personal training, Linda holds an advanced certification in orthopedic exercise , a spin cycling certification and is currently working on another advanced certification geared toward members who face the inevitable challenges of the aging process. This summer, Linda will be leading a spin bike cycling class that will no doubt provide a fun, energizing and challenging workout.

For more information, email Linda at lgoldberg@ffc.com or give her a call at 312-445-5253!