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Release stress while purifying the mind

Yoga is a series of postures linked together in a flowing manner, focusing on breathing and emphasizing stretching, strengthening and stimulating the body, mind and spirit. FFC has some of the best instruction that Chicago yoga classes have to offer.

The different types of yoga

There are several different kinds of yoga. They all will strengthen and stretch the body while improving flexibility and increase relaxation and awareness of the mind and body connection.

Hot Yoga is practiced in a studio heated to 105 degrees. The temperature produces detoxification promoting a new, healthier you. The combination of heat and breathing exercises improves oxygen utilization. Some yoga experience is necessary.

Vinyasa Yoga is a practice that uses postures in a flowing manner, connecting each posture with a breath. This class is appropriate for all levels and accommodates intermediate and advanced participants.

Hatha Yoga is the branch of yoga that transforms the body via the physical strengthening and purification. It involves holding the body in various postures while focusing on certain breathing patterns.

Power (Ashtanga) Yoga is a challenging class that links yoga postures together in a flowing manner, focusing intently on breathing. It is recommended that students have a basic knowledge of yoga before taking this class. Ashtanga yoga is a Vinyasa class consisting of a set of preconceived postures.