How-To: Work Out With Our NEW Synergy 360 Machine

If you haven’t seen (and how could you not?!), we recently purchased a huge piece of training equipment  – “Synergy 360”. Synergy 360 is a fun, exciting piece designed to inspire and motivate your workouts!

Some members have seen our “Synergy 360”, but aren’t visualizing how it works.  As its name  entails, you’ll utilize 360 degrees of the apparatus… resulting in a full body workout!

Below are some sample 20-minute workouts to follow, with photos of exercises to incorporate! For more information on the workouts, or for any questions or if you want to set up a consultation with Sophie, you can email her at

Step 1)  start the stopwatch on your phone or download the “Tabata Workout App.” You’ll work for 20 seconds and then rest for 20 seconds. You’ll perform each exercise twice before moving on to the next exercise.

Step 2)  choose one of the circuit workouts below.

(Note: the first circuit of exercises below include more strength movements that will be performed more slowly and controlled; the second circuit can be done more aggressively to get the heart rate up but the time and format should stay the same – 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off. Perform the exercise twice before moving on.)

Circuit 1

  • Cable chest flys
  • Goblet squats (beginner – air squats. advanced 2 kb in front rack position)
  • Bicep curls with band
  • TRX single leg squats
  • Dips
  • Core Rotations with RIPT trainer

Circuit 2

  • Rope pulls
  • Box jumps
  • Punching bag
  • Battle ropes
  • Burpees (add pull ups for extra challenge)
  • Kettle bell swings



Single-Leg Squat with TRX, core rotations with RIPT trainer, rope pulls (courtesy of Zak Baldridge)