Winter Yoga Nidra Class

Friday, December 19, 12:55pm-1:55pm Free to all 353 Fitness Center members and their guests

“Celebrate” winter’s arrival with the 353 Fitness Center as we host our quarterly Yoga Nidra class! Often referred to as “Yogi Sleep,” this format is designed to reduce tension and anxiety. While most participants do not fall into a full sleep they do relax into a “twilight” state. Class will begin with some gentle asanas (poses) before moving into a guided meditation. Previous participants describe this class as “incredibly relaxing.” This class will not involve any physical effort beyond slight stretches and is perfect for all levels of fitness and familiarity with Yoga. Please bring a long sleeved shirt, socks and/or a towel to cover up as you may become cold. Bring a co-worker, guests are welcome! For more information, contact Jennifer Dahl at