Welcome New Staff

Welcome New Staff!

Welcome New Staff

We’re extending a huge FFC Family welcome to our newest staff additions! Be sure to say hello the next time you stop by!

Ross Nielson

I am a goal oriented trainer that believes each client is different and should be trained in a manner which will help them reach their specific wants and needs in the most efficient way possible. The styles of training which I enjoy most are Strength Training, Functional Training, Sports Specific, Hypertrophy, and Weight Loss.

Kevin Kwiecinski

As a personal trainer, my specialty is in men and women’s competitive bodybuilding, body recomposition, and sports related fitness. I have been working with individuals for years in helping them achieve whatever fitness goals they may have. While my specialty is in competitive bodybuilding and muscular development, I am most definitely not limited to this aspect of fitness. I have helped many people in the area of fat loss as well as what I like to call “body recomposition” – my term for complete body overhaul. I make dreams happen. There is no goal that is unattainable with me as long as the client puts for the effort and listens to my regimen!