Welcome David!

The 353 Fitness Center is proud to add David West to the Fitness Team!  David inspires others to “B-FIT 4 Progress” and live a healthy lifestyle through improved fitness, nutrition, and teamwork. David’s training method utilizes a combination of body weight, weight-bearing, stretching, and plyometric training to activate and increase energy, strength, and improve body composition. David’s fitness training mission is to effectively and efficiently help clients to “Be The Fit Machine” both in and outside of the gym. David’s professional expertise includes over 20 years of fitness training and health advocacy with athletes, youth, and adults in both non-profit community and corporate settings. David’s personal passions include martial arts, youth development,  and performing arts, but his responsibility as a present and active father is his most valued role. David has partnered with diverse organizations through creative fitness seminars, coaching, health fairs, and speaking engagements.  David is a graduate of Lake Forest College, with a BAS in Economics and a minor in Psychology.  To schedule your complimentary consultation, please contact him at dwest@ffc.com.  Welcome David!