Tyler Tureck

Would like to give a shout out to all the FFC staff for always creating an exceptional experience. From the moment I enter, everyone is super friendly and eager to help out. Not to mention, they put up with my humor and quirkiness.

Secondly, Tyler Tureck is an absolute ROCKSTAR trainer. I’m always blown away by how much knowledge he shares. For example, if I am doing an exercise wrong, rather than simply showing me the correct way, he explains the importance of why one way is better/safer than the other, and how my muscles/body will be impacted for the better. Granted, sometimes I get lost with all the big words and terminology he uses…….or I’m staring at Joe…….but this is truly valuable to me and what makes Tyler stand out as a trainer at FFC.

Lastly, I’ve gotta say that I’m amazed by how clean and maintained FFC-Lakeview is. I’m sure Tyler will attest to my level of OCD.

Again, thank you for changing my life Tyler and FFC. See ya’ll soon!!!!