Try This: Adult Swim Classes

Swim Technique

Join us for adult swimming classes at FFC West Loop with elite swim coach Bill Shipley!

Whether you are a triathlete trying to improve your freestyle, a lap swimmer with an urge to eventually compete or someone wanting to be able to breathe properly in the water, learn the butterfly or do a flip turn… Adult Swim is for you. This small class is designed for members (and non-members) who want to learn how to swim efficiently. Front crawl (i.e., freestyle) is focused on initially, including breathing to the side. Participants then continue to develop confidence and endurance in swimming different strokes, learning how to streamline and do flip turns.

Email for more information and to sign up!

Class Dates, Times & Pricing:

  • Saturdays 10 – 11 AM


$215 for 8 classes

$120 for 4 classes


$295 for 8 classes