Summer SLIM-DOWN Foods

Nutrition-Registered-Dietitian-Weight-lossWith summer season in full swing, we all desire to control cravings, banish belly bulge and de-buff that gut of ours to look good in a swimsuit. FFC friends, start adding one or all of these scrumptious slim-down foods into your daily health routine for that rocking bikini body we all crave.

Why it’s slimming savvy: Omega-3 Fat
Salmon is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which studies show may help control appetite, increase calorie burning and decrease the amount of fat your body stores.

Why it’s slimming savvy: High water-content
Watermelon is 92% water. Research shows foods with high water-content may help you naturally eat hundreds calories less per meal.

Why it’s slimming savvy: Soluble Fiber
This root-veggie is an excellent source of fiber. Belly-filling fiber stabilizes blood sugar, which helps to control cravings.
Bonus: High soluble-fiber intake strikes a blow to belly fat.

Why it’s slimming savvy: MUFA’S
A diet rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids prevents central abdominal fat. Plus, research shows avocado-eaters have a lower BMI and smaller waist circumference than non avocado-eaters.

Why it’s slimming savvy: Vitamin C
Vitamin C reduces cortisol, the stress hormone that causes chronic fat storing around the belly section.

Grass-fed Organic Beef
Why it’s slimming savvy: CLA
Consistent CLA intake is linked to long-term weight management by lowering body fat. Grass-fed meats contain 3-5x higher CLA levels than grain-fed meats.

Coconut Oil
Why it’s slimming savvy: MCFA’s
Medium –chain fatty acids are easy for the body to digest; meaning the fat calories are utilized as a “quick” energy source without an insulin surge, allowing the body to burn fat.

Why it’s slimming savvy: Fermentation
Kombutcha contains “beneficial” bacteria that helps keep your gut in check. Research declares a strong link between bad gut bacteria and weight gain.

Why it’s slimming savvy: Enzyme called bromelain
Bromelain found in pineapple aids in digestion and banishing bloating. The more a food is broken down during the digestion process, the less bloating we feel and the slimmer we look.

Why it’s slimming savvy: Gingerols
Research suggests ginger plays a critical role in weight management by enhancing thermogenesis and reducing feelings of hunger post ginger consumption.
Bonus: Ginger reduces stress, which can result in less emotional eating.

Reach out to your Registered Dietitian, Jessica Dogert RD, LDN, CPT by email: or cell: (708) 351-9536 to help you craft simple recipes with the above slimming savvy foods.