Chicago youth and communities continue to struggle against the devastating impact of violence. Every day there are stories about the devastating impact violence is having on our community and on the lives of youth across Chicago.  In 2013 alone, were more than 370 homicides and over 1,500 shootings.  Something needs to be done to break the cycle of violence.  


Spin to Break the Cycle was a high-energy, indoor cycling event held at the House of Blues Chicago (329 N Dearborn St). The funds raised support the work World Sport Chicago is doing to make a tangible impact on addressing violence in Chicago.  On March 8th, 2014, Fitness Formula Clubs’ instructors lead 8 hours of spin sessions to give individuals, corporations and the greater Chicago community a unique and inspiring way to be a part of the solution. In addition to a rewarding workout, participants enjoyed fundraising incentives, prizes, a complimentary event tech t-shirt and a reception following each spin session. As the official Health Club sponsor, FFC donated 50 spin bikes that were auctioned off.  The collective participants’ fundraising efforts and sales from the bikes brought in $160,348!


Spin to Break the Cycle sponsors and participants took part in a memorable fitness event and joined together to raise funds of over $160,000 to support these programs that are addressing violence in Chicago:

Becoming a Man – Sports Edition (BAM – Sports)
BAM-Sports changes lives through the combination of an in-school social/emotional counseling curriculum and after-school sports. A research trial by the University of Chicago Crime Lab proved that participation in BAM-Sports led to a 44% lower incidence of violent crime arrests and significant improvements in school engagement. Learn more about BAM-Sports.

PlayStreets Chicago
In Chicago access to existing parks or playgrounds can often be obstructed by gang territories and drug trade. A collaboration of private, public and community-based entities, PlayStreets Chicago is a community-driven initiative aimed at reclaiming public spaces and transforming residential streets into places for safe family play. Learn more about PlayStreets Chicago.

About World Sport Chicago
World Sport Chicago (WSC) is an independent 501c(3) non-profit organization that teaches positive values and leadership through sport. The organization acts on the belief that sport has the power to strengthen individuals, and in turn, Chicago’s communities. World Sport Chicago promotes programs and events as well as collaborates with several community partners, public agencies and Chicago’s professional sports teams to deliver impact and change. Learn more about http://www.worldsportchicago.org.