Registration Now Open: Sign Up For The Move2Win Challenge!

Move2Win is back! The holidays are right around the corner and what better way to prepare than to get moving?! Let a little friendly competition motivate you to earn points, hit milestones and win prizes.

Registration is now open! Click here to sign up – and don’t forget to recruit some friends or coworkers!

About Move2Win

Exercise with your MYZONE heart rate belt and earn points “MEPs” to reach milestones and win great prizes. MYZONE helps keep you motivated by offering some of the most accurate tracking of your effort levels and workout results available on the market through heart rate monitoring technology.

Whether you’re in the gym watching your live feed or out on the street viewing your tile through the MYZONE app, you can rest assured you’re earning MEPs and tracking your effort anywhere you go.

Plus, anyone can win! Earn MEPs to win FFC Bucks, raffle tickets for a grand prize drawing, and other prizes.


The MYZONE MZ-3 belt is the most relevant, versatile and one of the most accurate fitness trackers on the market that provides real-time feedback on heart rate, calories and effort, ensuring you get the most accurate feedback however you choose to train.

Effort points (MEPs) are earned for every minute spent exercising in your personal intensity zones, based on your heart rate. MEPs level the playing field and standardize effort measurement. Use the app to monitor food intake, connect with friends to get motivated and participate in challenges, and set up automatic emails to get feedback on your workouts. Check out this video for more on the MYZONE HR belt.