Scott Gaczorek

Good Afternoon, Stacy –

As the Fitness Director at Halsted, I imagine you’re the right person to reach out to in order to praise Scott Gaczorek. For the past couple of weeks, I have been working out with Scott’s guidance and encouragement and have been enjoying every (occasionally excruciating) minute of it.

Scott has helped me put together a plan that has set me on the path to crushing my fitness goals. Having never previously worked out with a trainer, Scott’s guidance on proper form and technique have been invaluable. But more than that, Scott’s encouragement and attitude before, during, and after our sessions have made all the difference in getting to the gym and enjoying my time there.

I have set and reached fitness goals in the recent past before a bit of a slip backwards over the past several months. As I’m sure you’ve seen before with similar cases, this can be extremely frustrating. Thanks to Scott & FFC, I have been able to overcome my initial frustration and hesitation to get back in the gym a few steps behind where I have been and want to be. Thanks to Scott & FFC, I now have no question that I will be back there and beyond sooner than later.

So yeah, just thought that I should let someone else know that Scott is doing a great job.

Have a great day; I’ll see you in the gym soon!