Sarah Hendley

Union Station

Sarah Hendley has been a phenomenal trainer. She is doing exactly what I asked for, helping me get stronger and back into gear for a high-intensity training program I am looking to complete this summer, after a nearly two-year haitus from the gym. In less than two months I have been able to successfully begin my target program and feel confident and capable while doing so.

I have really enjoyed working with Sarah, and look forward to our sessions every single day. Sarah has been very professional in demonstrating her expertise, accommodating my schedule, and connecting personally through shared interests. I have enjoyed her sense of humor when working hard, her excitement to be there, and her genuine interest in my improvement and achieving my goals.

I really appreciate Sarah’s emphasis on proper form and her encouragement in pushing me extra inches or reps, challenging me to go further than I think I can (even when I’d rather throw the kettle bell on the floor than press it in to the air). Sarah has been extremely knowledgeable and has been able to teach me many things I didn’t know previously. She has done a wonderful job of designing sessions and homework tailored to my experience and fitness level. I carry all of her lessons through to the workouts I do on my own.

I can’t praise Sarah enough, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone, whether a complete novice or an experienced veteran in the gym!