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Congratulations to Michael Evans, 190 Athletic Club’s August Member of the Month!

We’d like to extend a HUGE congratulations to the 190 Athletic Club’s August Member of the Month, Michael Evans, who has recently transformed himself physically and mentally! Michael’s starting weight in January 2016 was over 200 pounds. At the end of July, he had lost a total of 25 pounds and reduced total body fat to 11.1%!


We sat down with Michael and asked him to share the high points and challenges he experienced along the way to his success; here’s what he had to say.

Why did you begin working out at 190 Athletic Club?

My daughter, Ainsley, has Angelman Syndrome (AS). AS is a severe, neurological disorder. Ainsley cannot speak, has seizures that are difficult to control, and has challenges with motor coordination and balance. You can learn more about AS by visiting

Ainsley needs assistance to perform everyday tasks and I was having a very difficult time giving her the support she deserved. I felt weak, tired and concerned about how long I would be around for her. I felt I needed to join a gym to focus on cardio and strength so that I can provide the appropriate care for my daughter.

How has your workout experiences changed since you began?

I joined the gym to focus on cardio and strength initially, but as I started to see muscle gain and weight loss, my goals changed. I started because of my daughter and she is my inspiration every day, but going daily is easier when you see good progress.

What does your nutrition consist of?

  • High protein, some fat (good fat) and low carbohydrate diet
  • Protein with every meal, including protein shakes between meals
  • 2 tablespoons of a good fat (coconut oil and almond butter) daily
  • I keep the carbohydrates low, choose good carbohydrates and only eat them early in the day
  • I completely cut out soda, sugar and caffeine

What were some of the deficiencies you noticed with regard to your health and overall fitness?

Working out alone and keeping the exercise challenging and interesting is difficult. I also found it hard to work areas like core and legs. I started with a trainer to focus more on cardio and core. As I saw the benefits, better balance, stronger abs, less pain in hips, I added legs. I then felt I wasn’t getting the muscle gain I expected for working out 5 days a week, so I worked with the trainer to change up my daily weight routine. The routine is now much more intense and interesting.

When you inquired about personal training, what were your expectations from 190 Athletic Club and with your trainer, Shante?

When I decided to use a trainer, I assumed it would improve my workout experience. Having someone to talk to while working out. Having someone to help work difficult areas. I never thought it would completely change how I work out and achieve amazing goals that I never thought were possible.

Shante helped me go well beyond my expectations. I am not winded doing everyday tasks, I do not get tired in the afternoon, I have less pain in my legs and hips since they are now stronger. I lost 25 pounds. I reduced my body fat by 15%. I can now easily assist my daughter and I now feel healthy, so I will be around as long as she needs me.

What do you enjoy most about your workout experience to this day?

I actually enjoy the workout. Seeing gains definitely motivates you to go daily, but having a routine that changes and stays interesting makes you look forward to your daily workout.

What has been the most difficult part of your experience? The most rewarding?

  • The most difficult part is working out areas that are very weak.
  • It is very easy to give up and move on, or completely skip, but having a trainer helps you push through it. Seeing gains in these areas is then very rewarding.
  • The most rewarding is being able to assist my daughter without pain. Being able to support her walking or being able to carry her up stairs if she is tired. The feeling that I am healthy enough to be there for her for a very long time.

What lessons did you learn that you can share with others? What tips/advice would you have for the average gym goer?

  • To stay with a workout program and a diet, it needs to become a natural part of your day.
  • Work out at the same time every day so it becomes part of your standard routine.
  • Diet by eating smart.
  • Eating foods you do not like or starving yourself can’t be maintained. Find proteins, good fats and good carbohydrates you like.
  • Work out with a trainer at least one a week. It will keep you motivated to go daily, keep things interesting since the workout will continue to change and will help you achieve your goals.
  • Once you see you are reaching your goals, you will set even more difficult goals and be even more motivated and might even get to a point where you enjoy going to the gym daily.

Sign Up Now: The 190 Summer Stride Challenge! Aug 1 – 31

Let’s get active – the Summer Stride Challenge is open for ALL 190 S. LaSalle building tenants! Let’s work together to take strides towards a healthier more active life.

Connect with any leading Fitness Tracker or use your Smart Phone to track your steps and see how you stack up against the rest of 190 S. LaSalle Building Tenants.

Challenge Name: 190 Summer Stride Challenge
Start Date: August 1
End Date: August 31
Goal: 7,000 steps/day
Price: Ask at the Fitness Desk for more info, or visit the site listed below!

To Join The Challenge

For Android devices/Laptop/PC/iPad: search web: then go to “join challenge”.

For iPhone users, go to your app store and download the “Stridekick” app – once you log in, you will go to “find challenge” – then choose “190”.

Register with the 190 Athletic Club prior to August 1 or as soon as you sign up. Registration is recommended but not required to join challenge.

All registrants will receive 5 complimentary guest passes to use towards the 190 Athletic Club. Guest must be a 190 building tenant!

For more information, please contact the 190 Athletic Club at 312.444.6060 or email Lisa Humbert, General Manager at!


August Spa Specials: All About You


As we begin the tail end of the summer months, it’s time to take advantage of these last few dog days of relaxation and recharging. We know you’ve been working hard on your summer body – don’t underestimate the power of recuperation! Plus, with marathon season coming up fast, it’s time to start your preventative routine. Don’t get slowed down by overworked or pulled muscles! Check out these specials at the Spa during the month of August:

Signature Massage

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*One of the massages must be used in August. For the two-pack, the second massage must be used by November 30, 2016. May not be combined with other offers. Second massage may be shared with a friend.

About the Signature Massage:

FFC’s Signature Massage features a customized 75-minute therapeutic massage treatment incorporating massage methods such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Sports and more, to ensure results that address your specific needs. This treatment features hot packs and towels, balancing facial and scalp massage, and organic aromatherapy. A must-have treatment for anyone with chronic or acute pain and/or stress!

Skin Care Special

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  • Lift & Glow Facial Treatment – for smoother, healthier skin
  • Ortanic Airbrush Tan – to top off your work or weekend look
  • LaBella Donna Lip Gloss – a hint of color for any summer look

* Must be purchased as a package. Lip gloss colors may vary in availability. Facial and tan must be used by September 30, 2016.

Member of the Month

Member of the Month

Member of the Month
Congratulations to Marcia Ippolite, FFC Halsted Street’s August Member of the Month! We asked her about her experience at FFC, and here’s what she had to share:

What does membership at FFC mean to you?

Being healthy for myself and having energy to keep up with my kids.

When at FFC, you will find me…

Working out with my favorite trainer, Dana Wilson, or in a class!

I work out to…

Enjoy life!

Bark Breakfast

Bark & Breakfast – 8/20; 9:30 AM

Bark Breakfast

Join FFC Old Town with your furry friend on Saturday, August 20 at 9:30 AM to mingle and meet fellow members while you enjoy a bite to eat for both you and your pup!

Stick around for a “pack walk” for some exercise and tips from one of K9 University’s amazing trainers. Space is limited, so please email Lisa at by August 17 to reserve your spot! It is a great event you won’t want to miss!


Yoga By the Lake – Every Tuesday/Sunday This Summer


Zen out with the tranquil scenery of Lake Michigan every Tuesday (7-8 PM) and Sunday (10-11 AM) this summer during our Yoga By The Lake series at Belmont Harbor!

Classes will be held indoors if there is inclement weather. Please call (773) 477-3664 to confirm!

RSVP & get more info by emailing!

Member of the Month

Member of the Month

Member of the Month

Congratulations to Julie Kolkebeck, FFC East Lakeview’s August Member of the Month! We asked her about her experience at FFC, and here’s what she had to share:

What does membership at FFC mean to you?

My membership at FFC means a lot to me. I am very fortunate that I was able to lose a lot of weight after joining FFC and it has made me feel alive again and given me a new outlook on life. I often refer to the gym as my happy place. My personal trainer Predrag has motivated and encouraged me throughout my journey and time here at FFC and continues to push me to make sure I make all my fitness goals. I went from never working out to now signing up for races and continuing to look for new ways to challenge myself.

When at FFC you will find me…

Working out with my personal trainer Predrag or taking a group fitness class.

I work out to…

Stay healthy, clear my head and to feel energized.


August Construction: Stay Tuned for Club Updates!


Attention members: we are excited to announce we will be starting renovations to the club locker rooms toward the end of August. During portions of the construction, parts of either the men’s or women’s locker rooms will be unavailable/available as the phases of construction are completed. During these times, the family locker rooms will be available for showers and locker use and will serve as a supplement to the men’s or women’s facilities as needed.

Amenity improvements will include new hand dryers, swimsuit moisture extractors and upgraded interior design. Please stay tuned for more details as we make these exciting upgrades to FFC East Lakeview!