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190 Athletic Club Member Profile: “Champion of Health”

Julian Shin, a 190 Athletic Club Member, has recently transformed himself physically and mentally.  Julian’s starting weight in January was 188 pounds. At the end of June, he had lost a total of 25 pounds and 8.5% body fat.

We sat down with Julian and asked him to share the high points and challenges he experienced along the way to his success.

What health or fitness goals did you achieve lately? When did these occur?

  • Won the “Burn to Earn” 190 Athletic Club/FFC contest.
  • Won the “attendance contest” 190 Athletic Club for the month of May.
  • Dropped from 188 lbs to 163 lbs with a planned bulk/cut starting in June 2014 (7 month bulk & 5 month cut).

What was a recent motivator that made you decide to pursue the goal?

I was tired of failing on weight-loss programs; I could do strength programs well but couldn’t muster the discipline to maintain the cut.

What was the most difficult part of the experience?

Not eating the foods I wanted to eat, especially late at night.

What kept you motivated?

Taking month-to-month photos to help document the change helped keep me motivated. Also, seeing my abs slowly appear for the first time in my life helped a lot!

How has your life changed?

Women run up to me asking for my number. No – in all seriousness, my discipline with my workout and cutting routine has really helped improve all other facets of my life! I feel much more organized and calm. The drive to succeed has given me more self-confidence as well.

What lessons did you learn along the way you would share with others?

Diet is much more important than lifting or running. Want to get strong? Lift and eat whatever. Want to get thin? Eat at a caloric deficit. Want to get strong AND look ripped? Lift heavy and eat smart!

What tips would you give others trying to achieve the same goal?

  • Start small and build up.
  • Develop a start date and end date.
  • Incorporate your work routine with your fitness plans. When you go work out, make a calendar reminder on your Outlook to help remind you when to drink your protein shake beforehand.
  • Use your smart phone. IT’S ESSENTIAL. Take before/after photos, track your weight.
  • Listening to the right music really helped me get “into the mood” and I rarely took it off during my workouts until I hopped in the shower. You aren’t at the gym to make friends. Get in and get out. The music will help with this.
  • When you get back on the wagon, GET back on the wagon. No excuses. Even if it’s been one day, one week or one month, climb back on!
  • If you aren’t losing weight and you end up telling yourself that your “metabolism is too slow” or “you don’t have time to do cardio” – those are excuses. Just eat less. It’s as simple as that. You don’t even need to run or lift. Just reduce your caloric intake.
  • Make friends with the 190 Athletic Club’s front desk staff. They will help you out and are super nice.

What was your life like before (diet/exercise)?

A blur of Panda Express, lots of pork tacos and tortilla chips, and a ton of chocolate-heavy sweets. I would work out sporadically but never regularly or with a plan.

What is your life like now (diet/exercise). Please be specific about your exercise and nutrition routines and tricks.

  • Eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day. I started eating 188 grams/day when I first began lifting.
  • Eat a moderate amount of carbs 3 days a week and low carbs 4 days a week. Cycle carbs.
  • Eat minimal fats.
  • Go hard Monday through Friday and rest Saturday/Sunday.
  • Do cardio 3 times a week at lunch and lift weights after work on those days. Non-cardio lifting sessions are for the other workdays. So total workout number is around 5-8 workouts a week!
  • Eat 3 lbs of plain Greek yogurt a day (half a Costco tub in the morning and the rest in the afternoon). After your lunch workout, have 4 oz of raw salmon and 2-8 oz of white rice depending on your carb cycle day.
  • Eat small dinner when you get home – heavy protein and veggies if possible.
  • Weekends: all rest, no lifting. Eat what I want including cheat meals but in half or quarter portions.

Lastly, keep reading and learning about fitness. The more you read about it, the more motivated you are to try out the new things you read about!



FFC Athletes Race in USA Triathlon National Championships!


Several of Fitness Formula Clubs’ top athletes and staff raced in the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships in Milwaukee, WI over the weekend of August 8-9, competing against over 5,000 of the nation’s top triathlon athletes. Below are the highlights from members of Fitness Formula Club’s TriMonster triathlon club who raced in the Olympic distance event:

  • 34th in Age Group – Matt Peterson
  • 92nd in Age Group – John Stender
  • 103rd in Age Group – Masumi Yoneyama
  • 105th in Age Group – Chris Navin
  • 114th in Age Group – Amanda Butz
  • 128th in Age Group – Lara Dugas

Just one day later, over 25 FFC athletes also competed across Lake Michigan at Ironman 70.3 Steelhead, finishing as the #2 team overall as part of the Ironman Tri Club competition, narrowly missing winning the team competition for a second time in three years!

FFC’s TriMonster triathlon team will be competing in several other major triathlons over the next few weeks, including the Chicago Triathlon, Ironman Wisconsin, and ITU World Triathlon Chicago. Be sure to come out and root them on with some FFC pride and support!

Want to join the team?  Contact if you are interested in racing or volunteering and follow TriMonster Triathlon Training on Facebook at  for more information on races and other upcoming events.


Halsted Street Open House


Join us on Saturday, August 29 and cap off the end of summer, by inviting your friends to fitness.

Food samples will be provided, along with your chance to win one of many prizes including guest passes, personal training and Pilates sessions, gift cards and even a 3-pack of massages! Your guests will enjoy a complimentary visit to experience firsthand our many fun and engaging club offerings! Contact Zuri Brown at to register your guest.


How To Maximize Your Mental Performance



Most days require us to be at the top of our A game mentally. Whether it’s writing the perfect maid of honor speech or preparing for a medical school exam, we need our focus to be at its peak.

Here’s how to get your head in the game…

Night before:

  • Treat yourself to a mini spa service. Spray on lavender aromatherapy body mist to relax.
  • Get to bed before ten. Sufficient sleep will help you retain your thoughts.

Morning of:

  • Start your morning w/ positive affirmations to set the tone for the day. My personal favorite: “A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset”.
  • Walk it out. Go for a brisk 30-minute walk to get the blood flowing.
  • Add-on a mug of hot water w/ fresh lemon alongside your usual AM coffee. Here’s why: water comprises >75% of our brain, making it essential for mental clarity.
  • Hack your coffee. Add 1 tsp of cinnamon to enhance concentration + 1 tbsp of coconut oil to boost cognitive performance.
  • Load up on omega-3’s to boost memory. Make smoked salmon + avocado sprouted toast. Studies have shown that 25 grams of protein is ideal for breakfast as it helps with production of dopamine, the “focus and productivity” neurotransmitter.

Blog courtesy of Fitness Formula Clubs Registered Dietitian Jessica Dogert RD, LDN, CPT. Contact Jessica at


Pilates Demos


Are you curious about Pilates and what the benefits are? Do you struggle with core strength or low back pain? Find out if Pilates is for you by taking advantage of these complimentary demonstrations.

August 24th “Reformer Monday”

August 25th “Tower Tuesday”

August 26th “Wunda Wednesday”

Sign up for a complimentary 15 minute private pilates demo with Dawn Joi our newest Pilates Trainer. Appointments are available from 12pm – 5pm. Participants will have the opportunity to compete for prizes and enter to win a 3-pack of private Pilates sessions. Contact Dawn at to schedule your demo.


Corner Bakery


Avoid the Morning Rush and start you day with Corner Bakery Cafe’s NEW Breakfast Power Flats made with freshly scrambled eggs and cheddar and parmesan cheeses in a grilled multigrain flatbread! Choose from applewood smoked bacon, avocado & spinach or chicken apple sausage. Pair it will a small hand-roasted coffee – all for under $5.


Welcome New Staff!


FFC South Loop is excited to introduce to our Spa Christopher Hasiak our new Licensed Massage Therapist and Giota Lekkas our new Licensed Esthetician. Chris and Giota are eager to get to know you and look forward to demonstrating their therapeutic abilities during your visits to the club. Stop by the front desk to schedule a complimentary consultation today!

Welcome to our our Personal Training team Corey Mullins and Cindy Town-Oyster. Corey and Cindy are adding great depth to our already amazing team of trainers to help our members reach and sustain their health and wellness goals.


Parents’ Night Out


SATURDAY, AUGUST 8, 5pm-7pm Parents Dine, Kids Climb

Drop the kids off at the wall and take two hours for a date night! Kids will climb, slack-line, and play games in the gymnasium. Space is limited to 5 children per slot, so register today!

Ages: 5-12

Equipment provided

$25 per child – $5 off each additional child

Must pack own snacks or money for 3rd floor restaurant.

Contact Aimee at to register.