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What is Personal Training?

Personal training is Fitness Formula Clubs personal approach to fitness, designed to provide members of all fitness levels a time-efficient, safe and highly effective exercise program. Our trainers work side-by-side with our members on all types of fitness equipment paying close attention to proper form, posture and biomechanics. FFC’s trainers are some of the best that Chicago personal training has to offer.

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30 and 60-minute sessions specialize in areas such as:
Resistive exercise • Cardiovascular Training • Pilates Core Strengthening • Weight Loss • Weight Management
Sport Specific Training • Post Rehabilitation • Balance

What can you expect from our trainers?
• Efficient workouts that provide results by following specific guidelines.
• New programs begin with a health history evaluation and needs assessment.
• A customized program is created for you and your needs.
• Feedback throughout the session on proper form and function.

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Personal Trainer Levels

Personal Training is offered at four levels based on the trainer’s education and experience. Trainers have degrees in an exercise science related field and/or a personal training certification from a national accredited organization.