FFC employee spotlight

Personal Trainer Spotlight: Ric Glickstein, RTS Specialist:

FFC employee spotlight

FFC Employee Spotlight

Did you know that exercise is like aiming at a target? The target is your goal/purpose. The aim is how your muscles produce force, your neuro-muscular ability. The better you aim at the target, the better your chances of hitting the “bulls eye”.

However, exercising without knowing what is happening inside your body is like taking the shot with your eyes closed. The benefit is not determined by the exercise, but from how you use your body to perform it. A special understanding of and regard for these bio-mechanics are required to teach this kind of internal performance to maximize your efforts.

We have a “Resistance Training Specialist” who is prepared to offer this kind of assistance. Contact personal trainer and RTS Specialist Ric Glickstein at eglickstein@ffc.com to learn more or to set up a 30-minute assessment.