October Message from Larry Duncan

Gold Coast Ganeral Manager

Gold Coast
Ganeral Manager

The secret to staying fit and healthy is having good habits. These include:  going for a morning jog, taking a stroll after dinner, doing yoga twice a week, drinking water throughout the day, or packing a salad for lunch.  It’s easy to get sidetracked.  A vacation, a few sick days, out-of-town guests, a rough week at work— and you’ve fallen off the wagon.

Here are five quick tips for getting back in the swing of things:

1. Don’t overdo it – start back slow.
2. Take baby steps – remember that every little bit helps.
3. Find opportunities to get active – take the stairs to burn extra calories.
4. Set realistic goals – start with a bike ride or a walk.
5. Make sensible diet choices – commit to curbing sweets, have one beer instead of two.

There are plenty of ways to get back on the horse, starting with the five tips listed here!