November Message from Lisa Gregorich

Old Town General Manager

Old Town
General Manager

I lost my fiancé, Marshall Klemmt, to cancer back in 2000, at the age of 23. November 11 was his birthday. Recently, I learned something I would like to share. I was asked, “How do you honor your memories of Marshall?” I honor him by volunteering every Sunday at Advocate hospital’s Oncology floor and helping others who face the same fate. I was then asked, “Let me rephrase this. You said you miss him most because of how happy he made YOU, how much he made YOU smile, and how he cared for YOU. How will you honor your memories of him?” It hit me. I needed to take better care of MYSELF. I need to honor Marshall’s memory by laughing more, exercising more, and focusing on me… like he used to.

Many of us lose people we love. Many times we get lost in their absence. It is finding ourselves and caring for ourselves that makes their memory live on. Live life to YOUR fullest in the honor of THEIR memory!
Happy Birthday Marshall Thomas Klemmt!