NovaCare Complimentary Injury Screenings for January

With 2018 in full swing, many people have rushed back to the gym to burn off holiday season calories and get back into shape. Unfortunately, studies indicate that more than half of those who join a gym or fitness club will drop out within 3-6 months. One common reason is injury.  

Don’t let an injury derail your resolution, call us at 866 879-6682 or stop in a NovaCare near you,  conveniently located within the Fitness Formula Clubs, to set up a complimentary injury assessment or walk in during one of the times listed below!

  • FFC East Lakeview   Jan 8th 5:30p-7:30p AND Jan 18th  5:30p-7:30p
  • FFC Halsted Street    Jan 24th 4p-6p
  • FFC Lincoln Park            Jan 18th 6p-8p
  • FFC Oak Park                  Jan 18th 4p-6pm
  • FFC Park Ridge               Jan 9th 4p-6p
  • FFC South Loop       Walk ins                  
  • FFC Union Station          Jan 17th  12p-1p
  • FFC West Loop                 Jan 16 4:15p-5p