new equipment arrival

New Arrivals: Have You Seen This New Equipment?

Jacob’s Ladder 

This is the newest piece of cardio equipment to add to your workout arsenal that works both upper and lower body with ladder-type rungs on a non-motorized continuous treadmill. Check out this video on Jacob’s Ladder. Need some help learning this new piece of equipment? Email our fitness director JP Maund at and he will get you scheduled with a trainer for a quick 15-minute demo!

FM i11.9 Incline Trainer with iFit Live 

The (2) Incline Trainers located right next to the fitness desk boast an impressive 30% incline and -3% decline that allows users to recruit more muscles, targeting their quads and glutes. The Incline Trainer is equipped with a high definition 10 inch (25.4 cm) tablet featuring iFit® and Google Maps™, allowing users to create a new workout every time. 1-STEP™ Controls make this treadmill ideal for HIIT workouts and functional training and simulates actual terrain for realistic walk/run conditions.