Motivate With Music: FFC’s Curated Spotify Playlists

Did you know that music can make your workout better? Whether it’s getting you into the zone, giving you an extra boost when you need it or providing cues to warm up, work out and cool down, music can take your fitness & wellness routine to the next level.

And, did you know that science has indicated that your heart rate may work to try to match the BPM of a song? Pretty cool! Check out some of our recent curations by FFC staff by visiting the link below!

Playlists by:

Kristin Johansson: Kristin is a group fitness instructor at Fitness Formula Clubs.

  • Kristin’s go-to workout song? “Anything Kelly Clarkson!”
  • Why is music important for fitness? “Being a dancer, music motivates me to move. It turns on my brain, allows me to push harder and for longer.”

Max Potolsky: Max is a member of the Membership Team at Fitness Formula Clubs.

  • Max’s go-to workout song? “Anything Eminem.”
  • Why is music important for fitness? “Music is important for fitness because it gets you in the right mindset, which allows you to go harder than you normally would.”

Sarah Sobotka: Sarah is a registered dietitian at Fitness Formula Clubs.

  • Sarah’s go-to workout song? “Contact by Lulleaux & Giango Pham”
  • Why is music important for fitness? “Because we can relate to the lyrics. Just like I like inspiring my clients, music does the same thing for me.”

Jessica Heffernan: Jessica is a massage therapist at Fitness Formula Clubs.

  • Jessica’s go-to workout song? Sing a Simple Song by Sly and the Family Stone
  • Why is music important for fitness? “Music is a force of life, and is as essential as oxygen.”