Mommy & Me Movement and Play Workshop – 4/15; 12:15 – 1:30 PM

Join us on Saturday, April 15 from 12:15 – 1:30 PM for our next Mommy and Me Movement Workshop in the FFC West Loop Group Fitness Studio!

Price: $30 FFC Members, $40 non-members

RSVP to Suzanne Ko at Payment before day of workshop is required. Recommended minimum age is 2-3 months. Please bring some of your babies toys. Mats will be provided.

It takes babies up to a year to learn how to walk. They earn this skill through each developmental progression – tummy time, rolling, sitting, rocking, crawling, standing, and squatting. These progressions are our body’s natural resets. When we are in pain or healing, these resets restore our body’s natural movement. As a mom, these resets promote healing of the core and pelvic floor.

West Loop trainer Suzanne Ko created this workshop to teach moms how to help their babies with the developmental milestones while also making time for movement. She will show you various tummy time variations, as well as teach you how to roll, rock, and crawl with your baby.

Caring for our baby is also physically demanding! Learn how to safely move with your baby, utilizing proper breathing and alignment cues.

“When my twins were 6 months old I was looking for places where my babies could play, learn and socialize with other babies. Mommy and me workshop offered me all of the above and also the opportunity to workout while playing with my kids. This was a great push to me to come out of my pregnancy shell and be more active and playful with the kids. My babies always enjoy coming to the workshop and love rolling, crawling, rocking and squeaking along with their friends.

Last but not the least, I feel Suzanne is the most appropriate trainer for the workshop. Being a mother herself she knows just the right mix for fun and activities for moms and the kids. She is very patient with the babies and tries to teach both Mommy and baby something new in her class each time. I love spending time at this FFC workshop and will definitely recommend it to all new parents!”