Mikey Andrews, Marcus Summers


I wanted to share a bit about my experience at the South Loop location. Before joining this club, I had visited many gyms in the area but felt that the FFC South Loop was the best choice for me. From the start, Mikey was the best person to get me signed up. He did his best to keep up with me and my chaotic schedule. He was personable and felt that he was genuine. It was not a gimmick and there was nothing to sell other than customer service (which I loved).

At the time, I was one of those “I don’t own sneakers…what is that machine?!? I don’t run.” type of girls. I was terrified about working out and had borrowed a pair of sneakers from roommate because I never owned my own. Through Mikey, I was truly blessed to meet Marcus and Josh-(trainers). I cannot express how much of life changing experience training was because of them. Initially, I was 170 pounds (I weighed as much as my dad). I was embarrassed and did not feel at my best self. I was 28 years old–huffing and puffing to make it to the CTA each day to get to work. I would struggle up “the stairs of death” at the Harrison CTA Red Line. I would skip over meals and not make an effort to try to workout on my own. I was very tired of that life but since meeting Josh and all the other staff–I can say that I feel at my best (even when I occasionally slack off). Working out and staying fit by eating healthy and keeping active is a MAIN part of my life because of the people at this gym.

I am now at the point where I have to leave FFC because I am moving out of state, but I had to share my personal experience. I also now own two pairs of sneakers that are my own. I also have lost 15-20 pounds since I first joined as a member. Though these feats may be minor–they matter because of the impact of your staff. Thank you FFC South Loop. I appreciate all you have done for me and will continue to take it along with me for life.