Michele Freiburg & Charles Little

I did a training session with Charles Little. It was excellent. He taught me the basics of Pilates and explained the history of the exercise. Also, on my first day using the club with my son, he noticed I needed help and stopped what he was doing in the hallway to help us out. This is great that your staff go out of their way to help people.

After my training session with Charles, I talked with Michele who did my consultation and answered many questions I had as a new member at the club. She was extremely professional, patient, knowledgable, helpful and personable. I have also recommended her for my partner who will do a consultation with her in the near future. She also recommended other trainers for my son. I liked her honest and open style.

I am very happy with all of the staff I have met so far at FFC. I like when the staff at FFC take their time to say hello to members and help as needed. It’s a big facility, so having staff members reach out to members in the club (especially us “newbies” is very nice). Thank you!