Where Membership Means Something®

Julie-Web-Offer image In late 2013, FFC asked members to share what membership means to them. The response was overwhelming. While each member has a unique account of what FFC means to them, they all have one thing in common: they are all members of the Best Gym in Chicago!

The 2014 FFC campaign will highlight how our members, facilities, programs and staff work together to accomplish real results. Our casting call produced a diverse group of individuals, who you will see on billboards, in commercials, via print publications, displayed throughout the clubs, and working out next to you at the gym. Their stories will be shared in Connections, our monthly e-newsletter and on our website, ffc.com.

You may have already noticed Jenny on our “Lose to Win” posters displayed in the clubs. Jenny participated in this program last year and lost 20 lbs and 10% body fat. Also, Quinetta’s amazing story has been featured on our website as the 2013 “Year of Wellness” winner. Quinetta lost 120 lbs, gained the opportunity to receive a new kidney, and is committed to supporting others with similar challenges.  Click here to see her video.  Meg, Amelia, Nancy, Nico, Matt & Jenny… the list goes on, and over the course of the next twelve months you will meet these individuals and learn about their testimonials.

In January, the month of new beginnings, Julie’s “Where Membership Means to Aspire and Inspire” says it all.  As you aspire to reach your goals this year, FFC is here to inspire you every step of the way.  We pledge to be the club that delivers your “something,” whatever that is. Many of you will set new goals for 2014, others will maintain past successes, and some will motivate change in those around them. Ultimately, our hope is to provide the means by which to empower all of our members to long-term success.

To be considered for the campaign, click here and tell us what your FFC membership means to you.

As always, Fitness Formula Clubs is committed to providing you with the most updated facilities and equipment.  We have several projects currently in the works and more to come soon.   Visit your club’s home page regularly for the latest news.