Member of the Month

Member Of The Month

Congratulations to Donna Baumgardt, FFC Gold Coast’s September Member of the Month! We asked Donna to share her experience with FFC:

What does membership at FFC mean to you?  

Membership at FFC Gold Coast means that I can feel confident that I know how to use the equipment correctly – and that I’m confident in myself. My weight is stable, my clothes fit better, my blood pressure is low away, and the decline in my bone density has stopped.

Where can we find you at FFC?

When at FFC you will find me working with FFC trainers like Jeremy Gorden, focusing on my core using a blend of weight and circuit training.

Why do you work out?

I learned the hard way that exercise was the last thing I should have given up when I was pressed for time. I now look forward to my workouts, and I feel great. I enjoy the club facilities and all the excellent people I have met along the way.