Member of the Month

South Loop's Member of the Month Phyllis Yeager

Congratulations to Mary May, FFC Halsted & Belmont’s October Member of the Month! We wanted to get to know a little more about Mary, so we asked her the following questions.

What does membership at FFC mean to you?

Over the years FFC has helped me start and end my day! The trainers and staff have opened up a world of fitness opportunities that make working out fun and challenging! Also, I’ve learned that you can do anything for 10 more seconds (thank you Beth P!).

When at FFC, you will find me doing…

Spinning, flipping tires, the elliptical, running on the treadmill, weights… anything that’s not a crunch!

I work out to…

Stay happy, sane and challenge myself… and also for that extra glass of red wine (a healthy antioxidant) at the end of the day!