Member of the Month


Congratulations to Clara Campbell, FFC East Lakeview’s August Member of the Month! We wanted to get to know a little more about Clara, so we asked her the following questions.

What does membership at FFC mean to you?

It was apparent from day one that I made a great decision when I joined FFC. Throughout my years as a member the entire staff has always made me feel very welcomed here and offered a high level of customer service. The trainers I have worked with have been top notch, and given me every training tool and motivation I need to succeed with my training goals The fitness classes which I participate in keep me interested and motivated to be here. All of this has been a godsend in the effort to improve my mobility and strength following multiple knee and spinal surgeries. In addition, I have met wonderful people at the club and a few of them have become close personal friends.

Where can we find you at FFC?

I’m not one who likes to work out on motorized machines, so you will find me in a fitness class. While Zumba is my favorite, Hydro-fit is the heart and soul of my fitness regimen. The primary reason I chose FFC East Lakeview was to engage in a water exercise program. I totally credit Hydro-fit as the reason that I have been able to restore, condition, and reshape my body beyond my wildest expectations. With the increased confidence and unrelenting motivation in what I could do as a result my fitness regimen has expanded. Other classes I love to attend are Zumba, B.A.S.IC, and Restorative Pilates.

You work out to what?

Look good in a bikini at my age. In all serious, being in the best physical condition I can has helped a great deal in coping with some of the effects of chronic illness. When I’m working out at FFC I feel on top of the world.