Megan Ksionzek

Megan Ksionzek, at the East Lakeview FFC, has been my personal training for several months. She is an excellent personal trainer. I have had many different personal trainers with different gyms as well as many coaches for sports and endurance events that I have participated in. Without question, Megan is the best personal trainer I have ever had.

Megan is professional, encouraging, motivating, creative in her workouts, extremely knowledgeable, and excels at catering workouts to address the areas I need work on or want to work on. She goes out of her way to help me with my training while working around my injuries (multiple ankle surgeries, back pain, and hyper mobility causing joint instability), to ensure I am still getting a well balanced and total workout.

Her approach to training is multi-faceted addressing all areas of fitness, health, and strength. Megan’s positive attitude and inspirational character are a huge benefit to FFC and her clients.

I would recommend Megan as a personal trainer to anyone, and I have recommended her to my friends. One friend has started training with Megan and instantly felt the same way as I do regarding Megan’s performance and abilities.

Megan is not only an amazing trainer, but an amazing and inspirational person, which is evident in talking to her about her own training and goals. She is a great example for her clients of how to live a healthy and active life and the importance of fitness to achieve those goals.

Lastly, I would like to recommend a kickboxing bootcamp or class. Megan incorporates kickboxing into our workouts, and I have found it to be a fun and total body workout.