Meet Your New GM

Jason Hammers General Manager

Jason Hammers
General Manager

Please welcome Jason Hammers as the new General Manager of FFC East Lakeview. Jason has worked for FFC for over five and a half years. Starting as a personal trainer, he was committed to changing members’ lives by helping them reach their health and fitness goals. In 2009, he stepped into the Fitness Director role at FFC East Lakeview, where he helped guide the team of fitness professionals to better serve the needs of the members. He has made it a top priority to ensure that every member is aware of the various services the Club offers to assist them in attaining their personal goals.  As he moves into this new role, he will expand that care beyond the scope of just fitness and hopes to truly make your experience at the Club phenomenal each and every time you are here! Should you ever have any questions, comments, concerns or feedback, Jason can be reached in his office on the first floor of the club or by email at