Welcome New Staff

Meet Your New Spa Director – Jothem Velez!

Welcome New Staff

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our new spa director, Jothem Velez!

Born in and raised by Chicago, Jothem learned the necessity to take care of oneself to make it through the brutal winters, demanding jobs and exhausting summers fairly quickly, and discovered the life-saving career of massage therapy. He attended the Soma Institute at the age of 20 where he earned his diploma in Clinical Massage Therapy to help his ever growing city. After working several years and thirsting for more ways to educate his clients on the benefits of massage, he returned to the Soma Institute for another year to work towards his masters diploma in clinical massage and bodywork.

10 years as a therapist he developed a liking for working with fitness professionals and enthusiast and has spent the last two years at FFC West Loop doing just that. Over those two years he rose to the top as the club’s top massage therapist in 2016 using all that he’s learned to truly impact and change the lives of those he works on.

His philosophy for massage is simple: everyone needs a massage, whether they know it or not, you just have to help them understand their body before it’s too late.

When he isn’t helping improve someone’s movement he enjoys spending calm afternoons or evenings with his family and friends!